Gloucester House 1959

Hi Rich,

Good to see you again at this year's reunion - keep up the good work.

I've rooted through some "photies" with my old ship mate Phil "Albert" Hill, who lives close by in Stockport, and we have come across this Gloucester House photo taken in April 1959 and got to wondering "where are they now?"

Due to the aging process I've forgotten most people's name so I've just included their surnames as they appear on the original. I can get copies done of this original should anyone be interested.

I would also like to give a very big vote of thanks to Barry Radford for all his hard work put in over the years of organising the reunions which have proved to be very successful. Thank you Barry. I sincerely hope that someone with the same patience and dedication as Barry Radford will take up where he has left off. "The show must go on"

Mike "Lofty" Logan

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