Hello Dickie

Your site was recommended by Barry Radford as the place to find old band-comrades.

As someone who joined the RMB in Deal in 1957, and left in 1970, I have only been in contact with one ex-bandy, John Geary in all this time, we then lost contact with each other again.

I saw a photo on your website which had been sent in by John Pring and taken in 2001, which had Joe Baggs, Trevor attwood, Graham Harvey and Phil Hughes on it, do you have John's e-amail ddress or any idea where I can contact Phil Hughes as we served together on the Blake with Vince Haris as Staff BM?

I would also be interested in getting in contact with John Geary, Ginge Chamberlain, Keith Eastwell, Roy Adrian, 'Vicar' Wood, Derek Usher, Michael Edwards, Jim Bearman and Jock Scollan. Barry tells me that Vince Harris is coming over from New Zealand for the reunion also Derek Usher, unfortunately I won't be able to make it this year.

Sorry to hear that Sgt Elver has died.

I've just picked up a bassoon again after 33 years, doesn't sound too bad, technique is still there it seems, sight reading is a little slow, and sound is a bit iffy at times but could have been far worse.

I have looked through my photos, which I have in abundance thanks to the photographic interest and skills of Keith Eastwell, and I may have some interesting ones for your website. Please let me know what the score is with regard to this.

Thanks Dickie.

Living in the hills above Loch Lomond with my partner Stella, our business is helping individuals and businesses with health problems. Life is good!

I look forward to hearing from you.
With thanks

Mick Webster. (In case you are wondering, Bassoon holder RMB 3630, Barham, and then Gloucester house 1957-1960)