Outside which Main Gate and what pub?

Knowing of the interest in historic pictures of former colleagues that permeates your web pages I cannot resist sending this one for analysis by our Band Service family. Does anyone recognise anyone or even perhaps the location. I'll give a clue that will almost certainly give the game away. The picture is taken outside a well-known Royal Marines barracks main gate. The pub deserves recognition even if the gate doesn't? A horse drawn omnibus is about to take passengers on some sort of trip. The seated clergyman, an open bible already in hand, and his wife seem to have central positions of importance so perhaps it is a Sunday outing. The music provided will be a bit bleak because I see only a bugler, a 'form of mandolin' player and a bagpiper have turned up! The chap with the medals seated to the right seems to have 'five' upturned chevrons on his left sleeve. In our time three was the limit although I have always thought that Merv Durrant deserved far more. Over to you.......

Kindest regards always.


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