Concert Success
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Dear Dickie,

Just a note to let you know the results of our “Afternoon at the Proms”, concert yesterday. We had an 80 piece band on stage comprising of the Monash Concert Band and Royal Australian Navy Band, Melbourne. Our program was witnessed by an audience of 1100. We had to sell at least 700 tickets just to break even. Major concert halls do not come cheap.

As our concert featured the music “The Battle of Trafalgar” by Albert Elms and as the theme was nautical we started the program with a fanfare by David Cole P & O.

For a community band Monash Concert Band rose to the occasion and played like professionals. The first half seemed to fly by and I thought that my careful programming for a 2 hour concert was about to become a bit of a micro-wave concert. (Two hour gig done in four minutes.) The last piece of the first half was an arrangement I did from the Saint-Sáens Organ Symphony No.3. That managed to slow proceedings down a bit and we allowed for an elongated intermission to make up the time.

The opening music for the second half of the program was a march by musician Craig Burns. I attended a concert by CTC band some years ago and was honored to be given a copy of this march by Craig himself. Since then it has been a regular part of our repertoire.

Please find program attached.

We were in cloud nine having the support of the Navy Band Melbourne, which lifted the performance level to the highest height. We hope to continue this success next year when the Navy Band wants to join us again and on a regular basis.

If ever any RM Band is in Melbourne and would like to perform a PR gig we would be only too eager to host a concert performing with us.

Plenty of notice is required as concert halls are often booked well in advance.

I will be attending the RMB reunion this weekend and am looking forward to meeting up with Max Beare and Eric Hayward plus many more that I don’t know.

Yours Aye

Click [Here] for PDF file of the programme.