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HMS Triumph 1947
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Greetings Rich,

The attached PIC was sent to me from an old ship, through Tom, it shows just how tough us RNSM guys suffered and worked on ships, this was taken on HMS Triumph in 1947, and the Marine sitting next to me was named Ken Buckingham he went on to become the Adj at Deal, note the hammocks, and everyone of the band had to sling morning and night. Also they had to be scrubbed at least once a fortnight, finding a drying space was a real challenge.

Divisions on Sunday on the flight deck was worse than any Beat Retreat rehearsel at Deal under you know who! That's what memories can do for you but wouldn't have changed a minute of the hard times, all the pictures arrived save and sound, and in a few years they too will be real happy memories.

Bye Max and K

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