West Country Reunion
Report - 9th April 2011

The WCR took place on the the 9th of April at the China Fleet club Saltash, we had 57 people attending and three people were unable to attend. Knocker White's wife unfortunately was rushed into hospital, and Ian Gordon had a family bereavment which was very sad as it involved a small child.

Everyone had a great evening and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The loyal toast and the toast to absent friends was proposed by former bandmaster 'blondie' Rawson who seems to have lost his blonde hair! Then the raffle, the star prize a bottle of whisky was won by Bill Sabine and all the other prizes seem to be claimed by ladies.

This may or may not be the last WCR run by me, I am hoping that the reins will be taken up by a couple of younger members to attract a bigger following. The trouble being the people who are 70 plus find it difficult to travel and the younger element don't wish to come, there must be 100 ex bandies living in the Plymouth area plus the Cornish contingent. One person was quoted as saying it was too expensive because he had to get a taxi across Plymouth, [Ed: Times MUST be hard eh!] which when you consider the Oz re-union (where people fly thousands of miles) it puts those who don't attend to shame. [Ed: Absolutely!]

However we will see how things progress and hope we have a re-union next year, I know that lots people came and said I hope we will be back next year. We shall see if one of the younger element will take up the challenge, I am sure we will get together some how. Bill Hartland took some group photos which should be on view soon. Once again my sincere thanks to all who have attended in the last six years.

Cheers Pete Westaway.

The boys and the girls - click to see full size

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