Ref: Peter John Rogers


Dear Richard,

Many weeks ago, you so kindly listed the passing of my father on your Sunset page, I thank you once again for that. Recently I have received my dad's RM service records which make very interesting reading as do they all.

Well, my dad always said, every year the Edinburgh Tattoo was on the TV, he mentioned how proud he was to have performed there in 1956, now I have the service records to confirm this.

I saved a copy of the photo from your site of [click] "Edinburgh Tattoo 1956" as I was convinced my dad would be on there, well now I'm 99.99% convinced the Bugler on the right hand side, 2nd row from the front is my dad .

Would you possibly know anyone from that photo (attached) who could confirm this? Again, his name is Peter John Rogers (Sticks) RM14414 he was based at Deal, he was a cockney if it might stir anyone's memories.


Russell Rogers (Son)
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