HMS Devonshire - 1952


I thought the attached photo would have some older members digging in their memory banks

Do you think anyone will recognize any of the faces in this picture of the HMS Devonshire's band and the Barbados Police Band, not that I think anyone would know the police, it was taken in 1952 when the band were put ashore as the King George V1 (not Elvis) had died and the court was in mourning. The Captain was old school so no light music on-board. We went aboard for Colours each morning and then returned to police barracks where we were billeted, they even put us on the daily rum ration list and didn't bother with age..

It was my first time aboard and the Devonshire was a dream draft. Three cruises a year Spring to the West Indies, Summer to Scandinavia, Autumn the Mediterranean, what youngster on his first ship could ask for anything better.

Best regards

Ian Epps


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