Bismarck ~ by Noel Crook
Bismarck I - II

Hi Rich.

Well here we are 3 years on with the building of DKM "Bismarck". Yes started in Feb 2007 and religiously bought week by week from WH Smiths. Have never built anything like this scale before 1/200 making her overall length at 52 inches with a Beam of 8 inches, all wood construction then the upper super structure rails, turrets, guard rails all etched brass, having to be cut out from sheets, 0.014 thousands of an inch thick, not quite completed as has still got to butt all the rails around the hull which is then threaded thro with very fine plastic thread.

I have installed the Radio Control system so that I can sail her, the weather has got to get a lot better before I do that. It really has been a pleasure putting it together, a lot of frustration with some of the very tiny pieces, would have liked to have done the whole camouflage for her, that is a job for the experts, doing the super structure, as she is, is an actual paint job.

All my very best wishes to all ex and serving RMB's a truly wonderful comradeship.

Noel Crook

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