General Duties Corporal ~ Depot Deal from 9 Feb 1964 - 6 May 1966

Hi Richard,

I was a General Duties Corporal at the Depot Deal from 9 Feb 1964 - 6 May 1966. During that time I was a house NCO in J Wing and your website brought back some memories. I took some Junior Musicians and Junior Marines to Scotland in the winter for outward bounds type training. Lt Ross, Lt Grant and Lt Dutton were the wing officers. I also took part as a marker for the beating of retreat in London in 1964 under Lt Col Dunn this was said to be the biggest RM massed band ever for the Corps 300 anniversary in front of Prince Philip.

I also took some Junior Musicians with Band Sergeant Martin Boggs to Vienna and Luxembourg. Before 1964 I was with 42 Commando in Singapore and Borneo during which time I took some photos of the band. The one on HMS Loch Killisport is also one of my stories on

After Deal I qualified as a PWI and went to Aden and then to Commando School Lympstone as an Instructor before leaving the Corp in 1971 after two tours in Northern Ireland. I attach four photos which may be of interest.

I have fond memories of Deal

Best wishes

John (Bill) Bailey Ex Sgt

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