April 30, 2009
Jim Tombs
by Dave Seed

Visited Jim Tombs today (Terry Freestone put his name in the sick bay) sadly he is bed bound but in good spirits. We had a look through his old photo's but as with all of us, putting names to faces becomes difficult after 50 years, he was kind enough to let me borrow a few to put on the web site to see if anyone can either recognise themselves or knows the name of any of those in the photo's.

On the 2 small group pictures Jim and Ginge' Watts appear, not sure who the 3rd one is, the main photo's are Ganges Band and boy's wing football team (I believe that the photo was taken at coldblow, the 3rd one is self explanatory. If we are successful I will add the names before I give the photo's back.

Hope you are well, look forward to seeing you in October.




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