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- MIK HICKMAN - RMB 3482 - Bass Trombone
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Mik Hickman - RMB Reunion 2004
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Hello Richard

Now in answer to your question where am I? WE live in the very south of Spain in Andalucia in the province of Almeria in the town of Roquetas de Mar which you will find on the map about as far along the coast as you can go into the Med from Gib driving time from Malaga or Alicante approx 3 hrs, but we do have a local airport 40 mins away with flights from UK on Sat Sun Tues Thurs

The weather is very good all year it is one of the driest spots in Spain and is on the edge of the only semi desert in Europe. Hope this will allow you to locate me on the map. I will gladly furnish you with more info if you should need it.

Hasta Luego mi Amigo.

Mik Hickman - RMB 3482


Almeria - Roquetas de Mar

Roquetas de Mar is a typical fishing village with a very pleasant beach. All kinds of sports can be played here, including sailing, underwater diving, water-skiing, tennis and horse riding. Nearby are the Salinas (salt lagoons). A saline marsh fringed with tamarisk it attracts greater flamingoes, little egrets, avocets and in winter the white wagtail.

The municipaly of Roquetas de Mar in Almería is situated in the coast, on the western side of the Gulf of Almería. It is 18 kilometres away from the capital, although one of its tourist centres, Aguadulce, is just 10 kilometres away. With a surface area of 60 square kilometres; it is 7 m. above sea level and has a population of 53,357 inhabitants around the middle of 2002. It is delimited to the north by the foothills of the Sierra de Gador and to the south by the Mediterranean Sea.

The foundation of the municipality of Roquetas de Mar breaks with clichés and can be considered as an important part of the historical future of the Region due to its geographical situation, dominating the coast, which wil have an influence on the events of the Alpujarra as a receiver of numerous cultures.

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