Jim Hawkins (Ex POMUSN-RAN)
Dear Richard,

While checking out your excellent site, I noticed a request for details about Phil Thorne. I am reliably informed that Phil passed away late 2002 in Melbourne. He served for some time as an instructor at the Australian Army School of Music, Balcombe VIC in the 1960's. Ernest Trotter from the Aust. Army Band Corps Assoc. can assist in more detail for any of Phil's mates (Ern is at erntro@aol.com).

Another ex RMB mentioned in one of the photos on 'noticeboard', former Band Corporal Don Lowry is located at 76 Sage Drive, RSL Park Frankston VIC AUST. Don served in the RAN Band from the mid 50's until the 70's and paid off a CPO MUSN.

We had the pleasure of 86 year old former RMB Danny Fisher (trumpet) at a recent reunion in Brisbane. Danny joined the RM's in 1937 as a Band Boy excelling in boxing, rugby and soccer (he was a pretty good trumpeter as well!) He served in HMS Hawkins and HMS Sheffield during WW2, and came to Australia on board HMS/HMAS Vengeance in January 1953 to join the RAN. He now lives at 4 Gwynne Court Buderim QLD 4556 and is reasonable health.

All the best,

Jim Hawkins (Ex POMUSN-RAN)
Secretary - RAN Band Association

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