HM Yacht Britannia ~ South China Sea

Click for full pageMy Dear Richard,

I believe I have the answer from A to Z. However I'll hold fire until we see what else it brings. I'll give you the answer now and you can reserve it until we see whatever we see.

The carrier is the Illustrious which was at the very end of a world tour of showing the flag. It was always intended it would be at Hong Kong for the hand over to the Chinese, the Bandmaster was WO 1st Class Martin, I have his initials too but I don't want to interrupt the flow. The Yacht had aboard, Prince Charles and Mr. Chris Patten the retiring Governor of Hong Kong.

The flags that are flying are that of FORY as he was in command of the Yacht. The Royal Standard is of course for HRH and maybe the special one he flies until he ascends the throne. On the Mizzen mast is the standard of the Master of Trinity House, which he also is.

I have no idea at the moment why this flag was chosen for this occasion but something at the back of my mind tells me that I know the answer but that it just won't free up from the sludge.

By and large it is a pretty good poser and we'll see if anyone responds. I hope so.

Stay well and be happy.

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