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Tom Lambert

My Dear Richard,

Following a wonderful mini-reunion early in the year it had been decided to repeat the dosage which led to an even better event, 10, 11, and 12 November, 05. Attending were, X3195 Bob Chumley, 3165 Ray Taylor, X2840 Barrie Baker, 3776 Gary Brownrigg, X2231 Joe Simms, X2234 Max Beare, (click HERE for his own account) X1927 Allan Bulley, X3338 Tony Oberdries, X3051 Eric Hayward, X1863 Tom Lambert and Michael Thompson. (Click HERE for his account) Numbers are given so that a guess may be made as to the period of service. Ranks omitted. Also attended, Major Bill Billett, who joined as a Junior Musician, switched to General Service, won the Kings Badge and later joined the Australian SAS.

We met first for a photo-opportunity on a freezing Friday morning, which concluded with a temporary embarkation in HMS Buffalo, a properly designed replica of a British Warship c.1850s. Coffee was served and the lamps started to swing. Who said coincidences were always rigged. A couple sitting very close to us stopped Maxie Beare as we left and asked if we really were a group of ex Royal Marine Bandsmen. She, it turned out, was the sister in law of Bandmaster Ken Keast, known to almost all of us for one reason or another. Extraordinary! That evening we all met in what must be one of the best bistros in the world, where you "pays yer money and takes yer choice", time and time again, and the quality of the tucker was as high as you would want. Needless to say, though the teeth never stopped chomping, the tongues never stopped wagging either.

The following day was rather special. We were all piped over the side of HMS Buffalo, courtesy of a very smart cadets side party. By now, the weather had turned around to become a typical Adelaide early summer day. We had drinks on the upper deck then lunch in the restaurant. No "Cooks" duties for anyone on this occasion, excellent food and service and still the tongues wagged. As one would expect there were several
break-away groups in the evening but most people were happy to have a rest and prepare for the final day. This was a sea-food day at the aforesaid Bistro.

The day was brought to a close with a few quiet glasses at my house. What a marvelous experience it had been and in our "wash-up" we determined to repeat the process next year at the same time, that is to say 17th, 18th, 19th November. Anyone contemplating coming to Australia for any reason please hoist in those dates and see if it is possible to work your visit around them.

Tom Lambert

PS: Eric Hayward and Bob Chumley are the two great mainstays who made this all come together. Thank you both for creating memories, great times and the template for the next time.

Photo album courtesy of Maxie Beare
[Click on thumbnails for full size]

01 Max Beare, Bob Chumley & Joe Simms


03 - See larger pic for names

04 - Bob Chumley, Tony Oberdries

05 - Eric Hayward, Max Beare, Bob Chumley & Joe Simms

06 Tom & Marge Lambert

07- Garry Brownrigg, Carol Chumley, Bill Billett and Tom Lambert

08 - Mike Thompson and Tony Oberdries

09 - Garry Brownrigg and Carol Chumley

10 Joe Simms

11 - Max Beare

12 - Tom Lambert

13 - Bill Billett

14 - Gary Brownrigg

15 - Tony Oberdries

16 - Michael Thompson

17 - Ray Taylor

18 - Barrie Baker

19 - Bob Chumley

20 - See larger pic for names

21 - See larger pic for names
Michael Thompson and  Garry Brownrigg
22 - Michael Thompson & Gary Brownrigg

23 - Carol Chumley

24 see larger pic for names

25 - See larger pic for names

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