Arthur Daws RMBX1355

Dear Richard,

I am writing on behalf of the widow of Musn. Arthur Daws RMBX1355, (Mrs) Joy Daws.

I attach their wedding photo of 1946. Arthur and his two fellow RM Bandsmen were serving on HMS Anson stationed in Sydney Harbour. The Bandsman on the left of the photo is Musn. Bill Park, whilst the other chap on the right is unknown. (But with great bravado he had 'jumped ship' to be at the wedding.) Any one recognise him?

Arthur served on HMS London in 1949 during 'The Yangtse Incident'. Unfortunately he died on 29th August 1986 in Sydney Australia, a much loved and fine musician.

Any contact or photos would be welcome.

Best Regards

David Jones (Son-in-Law)

Richard, could you also include his name on the 'Sunset' page?


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