HMS Gambia Band - Hockey Team East Indies 1957
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Hello Rich

I have now attempted to send you a photograph saved as a JPEG File. If it works, then please feel free to place it on your web site.

From the left Back Row:-
Pete Westaway, Pete Hartell, Don Peerless, Michael Hutton, Ian Langford

Front Row:-
Bill Hartland, Dave Clough, Graham Dench, Knocker White, Erik Gaze, Jake Laidlaw, Terry Collier.

This illustrious group, dared to play against the Pakistan Navy at Trincomalee, and having scored the first goal, they then hammered us 13 goals to 1! It later transpired that we had actually played the Pakistan Olympic Team!

Kind regards


If these are any good, please let me know then I will try and send other photos and nicknacks... Very much new to my Agfa Snapscan and the MGI Photosuite....

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