Bandmaster Graham Hoskins

This was taken at Eastney in about 1967/8 when I was the Bandmaster and clarinetist in the band. I have always thought that Vivian is looking at me as if I am something on the carpet that had previously been in a dogs bowel and Colin looks as if he has just been told that he would have to clean it up. Incidentally I was selected for a Commission shortly after, taking a position on the bottom rung of the ladder as Vivian left from the top one. The date was Christmas Day 1968 the day after Vivian's birthday. No wonder in those far off days we all used to recite, "Our Father which art in Deal!" for he was only a day out.........

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Capt. Tom Lambert - Col Uniacke, RM - Lt Col Sir Vivian Dunn - Drum Major Colin Bowden

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