Ian Epps RMBX2698

Band Colour Sgt



I read all the stories about the State Funeral of Winston Churchill in
January 1965 when the weather in January was wet and cold and the
majority taking part wished they'd never joined.

To add a Post Script to the story.

I'd like to add that the band of HMS St Vincent had been sent down to
Shoreham on the White Cliffs to an ex WAAF reservists camp which had
been closed for the winter period and opened b
ack up to accommodate us on short notice.

Our bands part was to greet him
back to the UK by special flight'. The first time we mustered on the
cliff top it was raining, we got wet and they canceled the flight because
of poor visability so it was back to the camp to cold accomodation. They
tried their best for us but they only had the skeleton staff and you can't get
Nissen Huts warm at a few days notice: or a least the Army couldn't.
At least they provided food.(??)

Next day we were back on the clifftop and informed when and where the
flight would be crossing the coast. I think we were informed when the
plane should be crossing into British air space, we thought we heard
it at the right time so played the National Anthem, packed up and
returned to Portsmouth.

I dont think Winston really cared, and at least we weren't required in
London for the funeral.

Best regards


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