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Chiz Bishop

The voice is silent, but the memory lives on.

I cannot resist allowing us all to have a smile together with this one. Just as I received this from Michael Thompson in Australia, I also got a message from Freddy Bryson Bassett telling me that "Chiz" Bishop, one of the worlds best musicians whom I recall very fondly, passed away recently. He would have loved what you are about to hear as his sense of humor was very dry and I can see that smile of his right now as I write this. I dedicate this little bit of humor in his memory. Rest in peace Chiz! So.....just pack away your blues and try not to allow the garbage that is going on around the world affect you for just a couple of minutes by taking a listen to the following.........

Just "Take the 'A' Train" (audio)
You'll need Winamp or Real Player or something like that to hear it.

Rich Valentine