Bill Hartland - c 1952 Bill Hartland

Army Officers Mess in Wiltshire
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Hi Rich

I attach a small orchestra photograph, (not that you haven't enough already!) it was taken at an Army Officers Mess somewhere in Wiltshire if I recall correctly, but it may be of interest, and some of those I am able to identify are:-

Leader: the late Ken Fretwell, John Dunn, Trumpet and myself with (Possibly) Andy Hague (piano), Brian Priestly and Roy Smith.

Thanks to 'Pip' Baily for the names.

Looking forward to seeing photo's on the reunion page, but I suppose you are tied down with domestics, so don't worry, I am sure everyone understands.

Take care.

Yours aye.

Bill Hartland

[editor] My apologies for late updates, but please see your report and photo albums on the Reunion 2003 page.

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