BRNC Band Dartmouth 1969 - courtesy Paul Harker

Hi Richard

I dug out this photo the other night of the Dartmouth Band, 1969 I think it
was taken.

I could write all night about the lads in the photo, some are sadly no
longer with us Pete Ward (Alto Sax) great player, Pincher Martin great card
player (Ha Ha). You will also see Dave Cole later (Capt Cole). He might
remember me if he gets in touch on the Website. He lent me his car to take
Sandra (later to become and still my wife) out on our first date. The car was
a light Blue Morris 1100 I believe.

I'm second in from the left middle row. Hope you can put it on the site it
might stir some good memories for some of the other lads in the photo. You
will also see "Gunner" Hargreaves second in from the left front row had some
great runs ashore.

Well I will close for now.

Be in touch again soon I expect

Kind Regards


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