Mike 'Taff' Webber

I am fast approaching 40yrs since I left the RM hence fast approaching the big 80!! I have been fortunate enough to enjoy good employment until December 31st 2016 when unfortunately I was diagnosed with my 2nd dose of lung cancer. I had the 1st operation in 2013 but recovered really well but when the 2nd tumour struck I had to admit defeat a chunk of each lung being taken has left me breathless even though I attend the gym twice a week!! I ended my 64+ years of employment as a profit consultant in the oil industry. I am extremely fortunate to have a super surgeon and oncologist and oh!........I have been informed that I have prostate cancer although it is contained within the prostate itself. Sorry It appears negative but I do have 2x daughters 5x grandchildren and 8x great grand children! What a lucky chap I am.

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Just a few memories of my past

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