1956 Edinburgh Tattoo
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Hi Rich.

Great to see the photos of the reunion, great to see all those I know and remember. The photo here at the 1956 Edinburgh Tattoo has not seen light since that time, I found the negative in a large box of oldies. This was taken by me waiting to go on, so much waiting time, and the conditions were terrible.

The building is a School as you go up into the Castle, that was a strange feeling going into it, as it was my old school going back to 1937 my father was stationed in the castle and we lived in there, memory will not take back to that time. I'm hoping that those on the photo will be able to recognize themselves, playing cards was a great pastime. I've scanned these from the negs so they are not the greatest, but you can make some of them out. I think the bottom left facing is? Dyer, think he joined the RAF bands.

Keep the pages coming, makes great reading.

My Very Best Wishes to all.

Noel Crook

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