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If you want to help to keep the interest in this site alive you'll consider taking a greater part in it and share something with your old buddies whether they are living nearby or thousands of miles away.

The Notice Board has become larger than I ever expected and consequently can now be viewed as a series of separate pages.

All contributions whether photo's or stories will be considered for displaying here. Of course you have to up-load any material to me.

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  Sam Dyer's " First " Reunion
  Sid Sheard´s Staff Band Football Team
  Brian Thorogood´s Recollections
  102nd RMB Reunion
Report - Photo Album
I - II - III - IV- V
Derek's Deal visit
Old Comrades Band 2005
Memorial Bandstand - 2005
Edinburgh Tattoo - 2005
Eagle House - John Buberle
Hermes 1st Commission
102nd RMBS Reunion
Taff Ruffle at 60!
I.F.O.S. Portsmouth 2005
Troop 2/81 Reunion
Reunion in Australia 2005
John Pring's latest Newsletter
Michael Hutton's visit to Australia

John Pring
John Perkins Retires
Col Percy Perera
Move to Spain
Newsletter 01
Newsletter 02
Brian (Jock) Roberts
Now in Malta

Dave White
3rd Cdo Brigade
Sandy (Robert R Sanders)
From the Daily Express
Howstrake Camp HMS Bermuda 1952
Goodbye Concert Hall
Burford 1946

David Webster
HMS Swiftsure 1952
HMS Belfast 1949/50

Jim Mason

Ian Burdon

It's a fair cop!
Russ Thomas
The good ol' days!
Bob Taylor
American Choir/Band Visit
Dave Spencer
CNE Toronto 1960

Mike Jones
A Musical Life
Tex Rickards
Tex Rickards at 70!
HMS Jamaica 1949/51

Xmas Day 1950
Frank Coleman
"The Shiny Sheffield"
Touring South Africa
April 2004 - West Country Re-union 
April 2005 WCR - Photo Album
Lt. Col Vivian Dunn's Gallery
Graham Hoskins
Memorial Bandstand
Lynn "Jamie" James'
Band Service Charity Fund Raiser
Derek Roberts - Last Night of the Proms Colin "Noddy" Redfern
Mick Hutton's
Photo Gallery I
Photo Gallery II
David (Stan) de Gernier - Biography
Geoff McGarr
J Wing Fanfare Team
HMS Eagle photos
Stephen Misson
All-Stars Concert
Peter Jackson
An Australian Venture
Jacqui Wale
Syd Wale
Richard Wright
Sebatik Island - Sabah
Jim Kay
60th Birthday
Bryan Walker
Irfon Higgins' 50th
Frank Coleman - Touring South Africa
Deal Memorial Bandstand -The Concerts: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Roy "Nobby" Slater (Deceased)
St Guinness' Day!
Mervyn Brown
Howstrake Now!
Phil Carrigan

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