Da Capo We dare you to go to one!  You have been missed. Always in our hearts. When did you last contact an old colleague?
Some amazing stories.  Grab a coffee first! Spend several weeks looking through it! An opportunity to let everyone know of a buddy in poor health. You would not be surprised to see who is out there.  Check it out! Some interesting links. An alternative and simpler way of browsing this site. Richard Valentine at your service.

Dave Hough's Funeral 31 July 2024 at 1215hrs, The Oaks, Havant Crem, Bartons Rd, Havant, Hants

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"You really should get more than a pat on the back for your many years of keeping serving and ex serving bandies in touch with our buddies, mates, pals, whatever you want to call them.
At least I can give you the thumbs up and thank you for all your efforts.
A 'pat on the back' is the least you deserve mate."
Tony Oliver

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