28th Year - Our Web Page

Colleagues all,

It has been brought to my attention that until today (16 Jan, 2024) my site was known to be non secure. Fast approaching the end of three decades online, it is necessary for all websites to become secure, and so as of today I have set up with my domain and host to do so.

Continuing voluntary donations to this 'secure' website are always welcome and reflect your thanks and generosity for my work. I truly do appreciate that as my continuing costs in light of this recent upgrade are enhanced.

Looking ahead as we must, although too few new entries arrive in my mailbox, I continue to honour and give historic reflection to all who choose to visit the pages of the ex RMB web site.

Purely a voluntary effort on my part, I shall endeavour to continue to keep this 'archive' and add to it as and when with your great help and support.

I need to keep a reliable internet connection and pay for hosting, domain and security of the web page and your contributions have assisted me greatly in making this happen. What I do over and above that is from my heart and my total respect for my fellow comrades whom I have served with and those who I have not, both prior to my own time and those well after.

Thank you for your support and I wish you well for 2024 and beyond.

Richard 'Dickie' Valentine.


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