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Sir Vivian Dunn, composer, conductor and arranger. Born within the sound of his father's band room in India, he was given a classical music upbringing which culminated in membership of the first violins of the BBC Symphony Orchestra. From there he became a Royal Marines Director of Music at the age of 22, a highly unpopular choice amongst the military music fraternity; and then revolutionised the Portsmouth musical scene in the 1930's. After the war, as the Principal Director of Music of the Royal Marines, he oversaw the complete restructuring of the Royal Marines Band Service against considerable opposition. Finally, for his services to four sovereigns in the Royal Yachts, he became the only military musician ever to be knighted. Awarded an EMI Gold Disc, in retirement he returned to the classical world and made numerous recordings with the British, European and American symphony orchestras, many of which retain their popularity today.

This USED to be a parade ground

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This USED to be a parade ground