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Each time we arrive, normally on a Saturday morning, we have a welcoming party.at the Airport, usually Jean, Mike her son and Family Lesley with her Family. Lesley is very outspoken and being unsettled in South Africa came to UK in 1986, to return four years later. With her husband she stayed wih us and then settled well in Somerset, but although her husband was a British Citizen, she was only allowed 3 months in the UK. (an illegal imigrant who could trace her mother's Family back for generations in Towcester.) Her Father was an Afrikaner who had left her mother. Both Les and her husband worked all the time they were here, even buying their own house.On the Sunday it was a Braai(BBQ) at Mike's.

We had some relaxing trips to a picnic site (Hennop's Pride) on the route to Pretoria,.There were two pools. and at every few yards at the side was a permenent braai.

We have spent a couple of Christmas with Jean and her Family with a Chritmas Eve Party at Brian and Kaye Pooles. The Pooles had a servant - Elizabeth who had worked for them for year. Her Husband - Frank lived there as well, and Brian took him quietly to work each morning even during the time of the old administration.

Usually Christmas Lunch was a Braai at Lesley and Norman's. Their Son Sean was stranded in New York when it was blacked out in July 2003, He eventually got to Heathrow and to us in Bournemouth. A pride of Norman's is his " Pub" and is in competition to acheive better than a pal. Before I go out there I get labels and bar mats for his collection.

In December 1995 we attended Lisa 's ( Mike's Sister in Law) marriage to Richard

We went to the Carnivore, a Restaurant with a difference. Wild Meats were part of the menu, including crocodile tail. Most of the animals had spent their lives running away from Lions etc and the meat was not so tender. In addition there was a normal menu. It was quite an experience The meats were spitted on a large indoor Braai and Carved at the table with a replica sword

Jo and I will be hopefully making a visit later in the year or January next year.

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