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Frank Coleman -
Reminiscences of touring South
Mabula and Sable Lodge
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Mabula and Sable Lodge

On one occasion I booked a stay at Sable Lodge using the voucher system from U.K. In vain did the proprietor not answer the phone so we were unable to find whereabouts the Lodge was situated. Fortunately my Son In Law saw a Article about Sable Lodge and the Game Ranger supplied correct details for getting to a Sable Lodge which was in Mabula Game Reserve, non malarial and about 2 hours north of Johannesburg.

On arrival at Mabula, Jacques van de Linde, the very laid back Game Ranger, other than the Phone call had no knowledge of our booking, but using his influence booked us into a vacant Time Share at no extra cost (His Sable Lodge was fully occupied). He arranged Game Drives' where we again came across the Big Five (Less a Leopard). A story is told at Mabula of Elephants never forgetting. When a Helicopter made a forced landing in the Reserve, it had been left unguarded, and next day, elephants had trampled it to very small pieces. The means of transporting them from the Kruger had involved darting from a Helicoptor and it is assumed that was the cause.

We enjoyed our stay at Mabula, thanks to Jacques, so the next time we booked into a Reserve we stayed at Sable Lodge

Sable Lodge was three Chalets, self catering (like Mabula) and also had it's own plunge pool. Jacques took us on Game Drives. He had us up at 5 a.m. one day to observe a darting and treatment of a Buffulo badly infected with ticks. We were the only guests (apparently not normally allowed) Every Game Ranger was present.

As Mabula and other Non Malarial reserves are a distance away from the Kruger the expense of transporting Game can be appreciated so the prices in many cases are justified , but other than the first 4 trips to R.S.A. we have had the advantage of a favourable exchange rate .

I did entertain buying a time share at Mabula but although the prices were affordable, other complications made it impractical.

Non Malarial, 2 Hours north of Johannesburg.

We visited Swahili early 2004. I made the booking over the Internet. My Sister in Law had had a recent op. on 3 Spinal Sites and when we asked about facilities the management went out of their to make us comfortable. Instead of using the restaurant our meals were provided on the veranda. Breakfast (full+++English) was at 10am. High Tea was in the late afternoon and a hugh spread for dinner. After Breakfast, Isaac the Chef consulted us regarding the evening meal

Swahili being a small reserve, had non of the big five, although we were told that part of the area was on a Leopard's teritory, I don't know if the Leopard knew this, if he did he ensured that we still failed to see him. The Game Ranger, Johnny or the Manager, Arnold took us on the twice daily drives Plenty of ordinary Game. Between drives we were able to use the Plunge Pool. The Lodge was very relaxing and it had recenlly earned an award and an article was shown on local T.V.

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