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The coastal region of Kwa Zulu Natal is a favourite with the locals from Johannesburg as the South East of U.K. is with Londoners. Like U.K. it even has towns called Ramsgate and Margate.

Durban, the main port is at the end of a now easy motorway (part toll) from Johannesburg. This road skirts the battlefields (Spion Kop etc) of the 19th Century. Unfortunately I have not been to the Battlefields. (on my hopeful list) At Petermaritzburg, en route, there is a monument depicting the R.N. Field Gunners on their epic trek.

During the War, ships entering Durban were often greeted by singing from the Pier. The singer became known as The Lady in White. There is a connection to Dorset, a house in Weymouth is named in her memory and I believe that her daughter lived in West Dorset.

The first time (1983) we visited the coast the drive on an ordinary road was not very pleasant and I noted that other drivers kept together. Fortunately the Motorway system in South Africa is comparatively safe nowadays.

We had two beach holidays at Umhlanga (um slanger) Rocks, a resort about 10 miles north of Durban. Like a lot of Mediterranean resorts, over recent years it has become very commercialised. The beach is protected by shark nets and life guards are constantly on duty. a great deal of research is carried out locally by the Sharks Board. Besides Umhlanga there are several resorts further north and also Game Reserves.

We had a pleasant holiday at Ramsgate, and we spent the turn of the Century at Scottburgh. The beach there was more crowded than Bournemouth on a Bank Holiday, so we decided to go further down the coast. Early morning, the streets were litter strewn, but when we arrived back in the evening they were immaculate. (.U.K. Note). Margate, Ramsgate and Scottsburgh all have very good beaches. Already development is on the way.

We had a stop at Shelley Beach for a swim. Over the Lifeboat Station the flag appeared to be the same as The R.N.L.I. Not quite, it was S.A.L.I. Apparently a lady who had been rescued In the English Channel took the idea to South Africa.

Carrying on further south we came to Oribi Gorge nature reserve. Apparently a habitat for Leopards. (No they made sure that I kept my record and kept away)

South of Kwa Zulu Natal are Translei and Ciskie, the home of the Xhosa (Corsa), Nelson Mandela is from the Xhosa nation.

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