This page is dedicated to David Henry Harris (1949 - 1993)
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David (Dave) Henry Harris

David (Dave) Henry Harris was born in Cornwall (Port Isaac) on September 19th, 1949 and died suddenly on July 24th, 1993 whilst working in Norway. He and I had great times in each others company and more often than not under the influence of great music and good beer. The sad irony is that not realizing his fate, Dave and I parted company for the last time outside a Cornish Pub in 1992. He played Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet and was composer and arranger.

Rich (Dickie) Valentine

Clicking on the image below will take you to a small but non the less important gallery of "happiness". Dave married later in life and although his and Diana's life together was cut tragically short they shared much joy. We ALL must grasp what is here and NOW while we have it before us.

Tribute to
David Henry Harris

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Shortly after Dave's passing I sought to create a tribute to him using the theme of music which was so much a necessary part of his life. After spending many weeks creating my beloved "clarinet", I had it framed along with dedicatory words and presented it to the School of Music at that time still in Deal. This tribute (a cross-stitch) was given to the school and I have not laid eyes upon it since. Have you?

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