Bands at HMS Phoenicia
03 -This is another picture of the Bands at HMS Phoenicia taken about a year later as we have a new B/M, Band Officer and Drum Major.
See information below.

Some names...Back row. Griffiths, Moore, -------, -------, -------, -------, Turton, -------, -------, Ingram, Kelley,
Next row, Corner, Walton, -------, -------, Farlow, D. Crowther, Perkins, (senior) -------,-------,-------, Woods, Ward, Ted Perkins, Ovenden, W.Sansom, Eric Lee, -------, Stone.

Sitting. Hutton, Lacy,-------,-------, Golding, D/M-------, Lt Jimmy Pottle, B/M Jack Dacombe, Wilkinson, Buscombe, Hawkins.

I think it was at this time we won the inter departmental football cup--Wilkinson was our trainer and Eric Lee supplied the local brew for us to train on!
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