1 - This was a very good team...I think we went through the 51 summer without losing a single match. There is a miss spelling..front row far left is Derek Holder. I could never understand why some guys got initials and the rest of us didnt'? I remember Mick Stone was a spin bowler with a very strange action! he would probably be sent off by todays umpires. He was also a good bat, he and I once put on 118 for the first wicket and the side were all out for 145, but we still won! Mick Fielding was usually our best bat. Even at 17 which we were at that time, you can see he was bigger than the rest of us put together.

Major Martin Pound was the Com/Comander and an ex Navy Cricketer so we had lots of encouragement from him and some of us went on later to play for the Corps.

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