Michael Hutton

Glasgow Band circa 1952-54 CinC's Band Malta
02 - This first picture is of the Glasgow Band circa 1952-54 CinC's Band Malta, taken on the quarterdeck awaiting the arrival of Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten in May 52.

B/M "Crash" Peters as Drum Major, Lt Ernie Ough. Front rank L to R...Bugler ? Bugle Cpl ?
Denis Ovendon Cym, Trevor White Sansom S/D, 2nd rank Les Carmody Bass, Les Keel B/D, Stan Wilkinson Trom, Dick Hawkins Bass, only other visible faces are Bonk Wood Cnt behind Carmody and Sgt Ted Perkins T/Sax behind Hawkins.

Life on board the Glasgow at that time was very uncomfortable. There were 120 Marines on the ship so there was little room for 24 Bandsmen. We lived in the Gun-Room flat with a two foot square locker each to keep all our gear in, most of our suits were just hung anywhere we could find space. Once Mountbatten arrived we never stopped working, which was a blessing in a way because we never had time to "drip" about out accomodation etc.

Glasgow Band circa 1952-54 CinC's Band Malta
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