HMS - TRIUMPH 1954 - RMB/X2448 - Solo Cornet
Trevor Lintott
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Bandmaster Paul Neville in pursuit

Dear Dickie

Congratulations on all your efforts - I have come upon your details from another old RMB who used to scrub out E Block with me back in 1952 or thereabouts, one Jacky Armstrong. I later sprang to 'infamy' as the Band Corporal in the School of Music Drafting office in South Barracks with a tenure from 1954 to 1961 when I took my 'twelve'.

My CV I suppose must read something like this. Number: RMB/X2448 joined at the age of 16.5 years. Made 'Section Leader' in Boys Company, RNSM Burford with Jim Mason and Paul Neville as Corporals! Joined HMS Theseus, Aircraft Carrier band for 2.5 years. Served a year out in the Korean War. Arrived back in Deal, May 1951 in long-abolished uniform - lyres as collar badges and utility single material tunics and single thin red stripe on trousers! Simply hounded around Deal until we were correctly dressed! Then allowed to go on our first leave for eighteen months. Spent Coronation Year with band at HMS St. Vincent, Gosport. Later joined HMS Devonshire and then HMS Triumph both Midshipmen training ships. Also worked as unofficial ship's photographer. The latter was under the baton of Bandmaster Paul Neville, cutting his teeth so-to-speak (painful!) From 1953 - 1954 HMS Superb. Marvelous West Indies & Americas Station commission. Also acted as official ship's photographer!

It was another Solo Cornet player and well remember our days practicing in the boys classes at Burford with such as Max Beare. My best wishes to him and also from our mutual friend 'Twin' Hember of Purbrook, Hants. Please give my address to 'Corky' Sanders - I well remember him but could not contact him through the address which the Daily Express had given on 14th August.

My very best wishes to you and all ex Royal Marines Bandsmen out there!

Trevor Lintott

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