The pages that make up this collection of memories, anecdotes, buddy lists, announcements of happy events (and some not so), are created with continuing devotion by myself, but never forgetting the combined ideas that sprang from animated and enthusiastic conversation between myself and Bill Hughes, still residing in Ontario, Canada.

Back in 1996 and after discovering that Bill and I were only a mere 8 or so hours drive apart, we set up a meeting in the middle of a typically brutal and bitter winter month at his family home in Princeton. Our meeting culminated with updates of our own accounts of time served, whether we had rubbed shoulders in a massed bands counter-march, and what we were doing to date.

Bill continues to be a hard working and successful professional musician, still teaching, and also the director of music of a very highly acclaimed and well-known body of volunteer musicians who are collectively known as "The Burlington Teen Tour Band" - Canada's Musical Ambassadors since 1947. Bill still performs a varied repertoire and his versatility allows him to branch out and away from the ever-categorized "Classical" genre to encapsulate anything that is regarded as worthy in his musical "book". Bill and his wife Robin have two children who are now pursuing their own careers living away from the family home.

Speaking for myself, I came to the shores of the USA (upstate New York) back in 1992 with my family, which includes my daughter Charlotte. Since leaving the band service in 1976 I have been a professional piano technician and I still continue to freelance whilst at the same time hold down a full-time post working in "customer service" with United Airlines based at Albany International Airport - New York.

I do hope you find the format of this "new look" much easier to navigate and if you have any comments and/or contributions of your own accounts, or you see something obviously missing that you think would be worthy of being included on these pages then please forward your ideas to me, the E-mail address at the end of this section.

Whilst not taking away any of the deserved acclamation for Bill's contribution to these pages, I must say that for the most part, I have been sole webmaster and I shall continue to enjoy and pursue the furtherance of these pages for as long as I am given the privilege. With a great deal of help from a very special friend, this new format will surely stand the test of time and be the new standard for many years to come.

Thank you for visiting and please return soon.

Richard (Dickie) Valentine

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