March 26, 2010
The Adelaide Reunion 2010
by Eric Hayward
Paddy's Poem
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by 'Maxie' Beare
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by Paddy Semple

The Reunion of ex RMBs in the Antipodes was once again held in Glenelg South Australia over the weekend 26th 27th and 28th March 2010.

At 1730 hrs on the 26th we met in the dining room of the Glenelg Motel for much talk of times gone by. Many tales were relived of ships at sea (those were the days) and runs ashore in far off places. Malta, Gib', Singers, Honkers, Jamaica, and of course for some the jungles of Malaya and Borneo. Of course there was no flying to and fro in those days either. Sadly it was at this time that we had to break the news that Bill Billett had died just the week before. Bill had joined as a Boy Musician but transferred to GD Marine but as he himself said at our last reunion he was an Ex RMB and proud of it. As the Motel is licensed the bar was well patronised and when the food was served it made for quite an evening. So much food for so few people, but we did see most of it consumed.

Attending this year were the following : -

Tom Lambert
Bob Chumley
Barrie Baker
Ray (Taff) Taylor
Pat Trevis
Maxie Beare NZ
Vince Harris NZ
Paddy Semple UK
Ray Watts UK
Bill Mathews
Jim Mason UK
Ted Jones HMS Exeter Survivor
Mike Thompson
Mike Hutton UK
Ginge Chamberlain

And of course yours truly, Eric Hayward.

Saturday, as is usual in South Australia, dawned sunny with a top temp expected to be a cool 32 degrees. So at 1130 hrs we were gathered beside the replica of HMS Buffalo where photos were taken. We missed our unofficial photographer this year as John Meir was unable to join us. The Buffalo is now a restaurant and is where at 1200 we were piped aboard by cadets of the local RAN Squadron with our wives and/or partners. With the addition of one or two invited guests it was a good number.

Preparing to be piped aboard
The Adelaide squad
Eric, Ray & Paddy
Pat Trevis and Ray Watts
Bob Chummley, Barrie Baker, Jim Mason, Bill Mathews, Vince Harris
Tom & Maxie

Pre - lunch drinks were provided by a donation from Bill Hartland who was also unable to attend. Something to do with a Golden Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations from us all Bill and Joan. Warm chicken salad followed by a choice of steak, three inches thick, perfectly cooked or fish the same size with sweets to follow. The Loyal toast was then proposed by Tom Lambert followed by a toast to Absent Friends both living and having passed on. The tot of Rum for the toasts was once again provided by Paddy Semple. He and Ray Watts had spent a few days 'resting' in Thailand before arriving in Adelaide to join us. They were intending to do the same on their return journey to UK to recuperate from the weekends activities.

Sunday at 1200 in the dining room of the motel saw us again assembled this time for the lunch time BBQ where again there was enough food to feed "J" wing. The wrap up speeches were over with no thought needed about whether we would meet again next year. It was a forgone conclusion that we would again meet on the last weekend of March 2011. However we could not disperse without hearing Paddy's latest poem titled simply ADELAIDE POEM 2010. Paddy [Jackie Semple] really is Northern Ireland's gift to the literary world.

With wishes for safe travel and promises to be there again, last weekend of March, 2011, it was time for most to leave. I'll leave you with an open invitation to you all to join us in Adelaide for a weekend that you will never forget.

So it is now time to start the organization of REUNION 2011.

It will be held on the last weekend of March 2011 in the same Venues namely:
The Glenelg Motel,
Tapleys Hill Rd,
South Australia

Also HMS Buffalo retaurant.

The programme will be similar to the previous years as to times. Bob Chummley will be only too pleased to help out with Motel bookings and can be contacted at

One thing that we do ask is if you do decide to come next year please give us the exact time that you intend to stay ie; arrival and intended departure so that Motel does know what rooms are required and when those rooms will again be free. Their prices this year were the same as last years and they tell me that they will remain the same for our group next year. When we are on to a good thing we intend to stick with it.

Well I'll leave this for now and hope that I have awoken a desire for more of our great family to perhaps join us in South Australia on the last weekend of March 2011.

Regards and best wishes to you and yours wherever you are,

Eric Hayward.

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