March 26, 2010
The Adelaide Poem 2010
* To be rendered with a strong Irish accent
by Jackie (Paddy) Semple


2010 and here we are - in Adelaide once again

Enjoying our reunion - the friendship's just the same

It really is a pleasure - to be here, all as one

Despite the miles of travel - everyone wants to come


We have some senior members - we have others not so old

They wore the same uniform - that glittered, just like gold

It never mattered, where you served - your rank was yours alone

As long as you could give respect - to King or Queen on Throne


I often wondered, what it was like - to be in charge of me

When turning up at four oclock - and the concert was at three

But alas dear friends I'm not alone - as everyone here can state

Sometimes the concert started - and half the band was late


Those days we all remember - with tongue in cheek and smile

Oh! to be a Bandmaster - and have the burden for awhile

I really wonder, what I would do - as I handled all the flack

Perhaps I'd turn a blind eye as well - as the hair stood on my back


It did no happen at every gig - but like stepping on a mine

It was'nt really funny - when your job was on the line

Our training always took us through - Thank God it was the best

We always played what we could see - busking through the rest


Those days we still remember - with pride and joy as well

The Beat Retreats and Concerts - and the many Gigs from Hell

But let's not forget our leaders - and the job they had to do

Despite out little mishaps - they always seen us through


I cannot mention everyone - it's too difficult to do

So I hope you will forgive me - If I mention just a few

To Capt. Tom and Bandie Mick - we're glad to see you here

To Col. Jim and my friend Ray - we hold you all so dear


To Bob and Eric who work so hard - in planning this each year

We really are so grateful - its time you had a cheer

To Maxie Beare, who had a scare - but made it just the same

To Joe Simms, we send our thoughts - and wish him well again


The Band Service is a credit - to all who served therein

I was proud to be a member - please forgive my every sin

I now look back with pride and joy - it really was a treat

Playing in many a Concert - more often a Beat Retreat


Not many have the priviledge - of belonging to something grand

Especially when the name of it - is The Royal Marines Band

No matter where you go in life - no matter what you do

You have been a member - and I have been one too


Let's not forget our absent friends - who are sadly missed today

We really cherish times gone by - the memories always stay

Now is time, to think of them - and raise our glasses too

As we remember many things - but especially we remember you


Safe travels home, the best of health - to everyone here today

I really have enjoyed myself - in closing, I will say

Take care dear friends, I wish you well - do not hurry up to heaven

You still have another place to go - to Adelaide in 2000 & eleven

'Paddy' Semple

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