Dec 16th 2011
Dave Stonebridge
Deceased Nov 1st 2011

Ex Band Sergeant and friend David Stonebridge.

Hi Dickie & all ex RMBs.

Well, I am not a regular contributor to the Guestbook, so it is with great sadness and a heavy (guilty) heart that my second attempt turns out to be one of bad news. Whilst perusing the website this morning, I took a look at the "Sickbay" list, in particular DAVE STONEBRIDGE. It was evident that since the sad loss of Bob Baker a few years ago, no one had written anything, or suggested that they had visited Dave at his nursing home in Margate. As I had nothing to do this afternoon, I felt guilty as hell and decided to pay Dave a visit, after all it was only 20 min's away from Deal. The words that greeted me when I arrived were nothing short of devastating, Dave passed away 6 weeks ago!

The Nurse I spoke with was kindness personified! She could see that I was truly shocked and invited me in to the home for a chat. She explained that Dave had developed cancer and was in a very bad way, thankfully the pain and suffering were very short lived. In true "Bandy" style, Dave still had the presence of mind to tell the staff to stop fussing, "I'm going for a sleep" said Dave....sadly he never woke up. Dave passed away on the 1st Nov 2011, to this day he has still not been interred. The reason I suspect but did not clarify, is due to time spent finding his family, he has 2 daughters. At least they now know where their father is, and hopefully some of his history.

Dave will be cremated at Golders Green cemetery on the
22nd December 2011 at 1300hrs.

It goes without saying that any ex who knew Dave, even those that didn't would I am sure be welcome to say good bye to a good friend, who sadly lost his way in life at such an early age.

Why do I feel guilty? Dave as I said was a short drive away from Deal, I kept telling myself that I should visit him....I NEVER DID, and now it's too late. He died a lonely and confused man. There is a lesson for us all, no matter who, no matter where or when, in good times or in bad, we should make the effort to look after our RMB family, time flies by, young or old we ALL should make the effort, I won't forget today in a hurry, I hope you won't either.

God Bless you Dave,

RIP. In sadness.

Alan Webb

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