John Hargreaves (Update) Feb 26th - 2008
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Dear Richard,

Good to read that Mike Logan has met John's wife Wendy. I spoke to Wendy this morning and she was thrilled at the way both Mike and his wife had taken her home to eat her fish and chips and that Mike will be going to see John. Wendy sent me a couple of photo's and a newspaper cutting of John, I hope they are clear enough for you to print.

See Right Column on Notice Board

John was a little embarrassed at being described as a 'War Veteran'! (apparently he was sewing poppy seeds) The photo is taken in the residential home where John is 'full time'. John was over the moon with the messages I have passed on.

Regards to all

Barry Radford


John Hargreaves (Update) Feb 16th - 2008

Dear Richard

I have just spoken to John's Wife Wendy, John is 79 on Sunday, and he is still not at home. He has had one eye lasered and goes to hospital on Monday for a check up, if all is ok, they will then do his other eye.

Wendy says that John is very low at the moment and any contact from anyone that remembers him would be most welcome. I did receive a Christmas card and he actually signed it himself, (so let's hope in the not to distant future I will be able to see him!)

As I have mentioned before John was my first instructor and I have many 'Happy Memories'. Anyone wishing to contact him please give me a ring or Email and I will pass on details. I am still waiting to hear from hospital regarding what they can do for me!

Kind regards

Barry (Radford)

PS: Just out of the blue had a phone call from 'Gunner', first time we have spoken for a couple of years! He sounded very bright (looking forward to the Man Utd v Arsenal match later on today)

He sends his good wishes to everyone. I am hoping to try to get to see him very soon.



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