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John 'Gunner' Hargreaves

Dear Richard

John (Gunner) Hargreaves as at 3 Aug 2006.

I had a telecon a week or so ago with Wendy, John`s wife, and the latest is that John is now permanently in a residential home and steadily getting worse. Apparently he has wide mood swings and becoming quite anti-social at times; it seems the time may be approaching when he will have to be transferred to more secure accommodation. Visitors cannot expect to be sure of a welcome reception. Barry Radford, who for long has been a great help to John & Wendy, now finds himself black-listed by John for some unfathomable reason, which is very sad all round. Wendy says the condition is Vascular Dementia which is irreversible and holds out virtually no hope of any improvement in his condition.

In case it may be of interest I`ve dug out of the ditty-box a [pic. of John & I] taken up on the after GDP of LION just after we had sailed from Bathurst from the Independence ceremony in Feb 1965. I was the BM & John was my BSgt and a very loyal one too. We had probably just enjoyed our Tot- those were the days!

All the best Terry Freestone

John's home address is - 5 Longfield Avenue, Timperley, Altringham, Cheshire. WA15 7BZ


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