Jack Arbery

It was with some sadness that I read on your 'Sunset' pages the recent death of my old friend Jack Arbery RMB 3729....one number before mine, 3730.

We joined together in 3/59 New Entry Squad and had bed-spaces opposite each other in the old "K" block in North Barracks opposite the New Block. Jack came from Dinnington nr. Sheffield in Yorkshire and it is both uncanny and a little poignant that the BBC have been broadcasting: "A Band for Britain", featuring the re-birth of Jack's old band "Dinnington Colliery Band", where Jack had started his musical life. As I followed this programme my mind and thoughts were with Jack and wondering if he was watching as the story of his old band's former glory was retold.

Sadly it would seem that he could not have seen this excellent programme but it certainly made me think of dear old Jack who was very kind to me. As fellow youngsters, who had just left home at 14, we supported each other throughout those early days of adjustment to such a new life with all its challenges and differences. I had never even met anyone with a regional accent!! No doubt my own idiosyncrasies were just as perplexing to Jack.

I remember when we went over to East Barracks to draw our instruments from the band store and seeing Jack struggling with this enormously long leather case inside which was a bass trombone...the old 'G' bass with the long handle to reach 7th position...something which was even harder for Jack than most as he was only about 5ft tall!!!

RIP Jack and with fond memories of you..

Adrian Brett RMB 3730

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