RMB/X 1121 Staff Bandmaster John "Charlie" West (Deceased)
The Fabulous 50's
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See names below submitted by Ken Tyler

Hello Richard,

I have just spotted the article from Charley Wests' son and found the pictures very interesting.

The photo of the group who look to be going on leave, was the Staff Band at the old Heathrow airport waiting to board a 'plane to Jersey for the Battle of the Flowers Festival. I can name most of the people on it:

Back row left to right: Stan Bottom, Dennis Dent, Roy Nash, Ken Tyler, ?,?,?,?,Charley Bowden, Pete Worsfold, Chris Taylor, B/M Alf Seymour, Eric Gilham, Tom Merrit, Jan Beach, Paddy Moore, Reg Morris.The three at the front are Georgie Barr, Eric Fletcher and Robson. Sorry I can't remember his first name.

Ken Tyler


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