RMBX 2505
9/25/1932 - 2/16/2022

“I am glad to read of the respect that many have voiced following Terry Freestone’s death. He was a ‘one-off’ character determined always to live by standards that are rare in today’s world. When, on retirement from the Corps, he became the Assistant General Manager of London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall he would summon members of Staff to his office with tannoy announcements such as “Chief electrician report to the bridge!” A ‘stickler’ for adhering to any form of regulation he was not always popular among colleagues. We remember the ‘I survived Terry Freestone’ T-shirts worn by some after he had retired? Over recent years, and to his total credit, he has diligently applied his methodical mind to producing the remarkably accurate obituary list of former Band Service colleagues now set in stone on-line at exroyalmarinesbandsmen.net. He recognised the need for historic accuracy in this vast subject and successfully achieved it. Rightly this is what he will be remembered for now that he has begun his final journey. His life has been a template that many would be wise to follow. Never suffering fools gladly and, ever conscious of right & wrong, he leaves a large hole in our Band Service firmament. I applaud his lifelong efforts to be honourable and useful. His memory will surely be enshrined in the annals of what is best in human nature. Together with his wife Lucia our Band Service family mourns his loss.”

Graham Hoskins

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