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Tex Rickards A while ago I had a phone call from a former Drum Major, Royal Marines, who I had served with and in later years had got to know as an equal. He had phoned to tell me that a mutual friend had passed away and wanted to know if I would be attending the funeral. As this sort of phone call had happened a few times in the past when one of my old chums had passed away and gone to that Massed Bands parade in the sky, I confirmed that I would attend the funeral but, "It really got me thinking". The reason it got me thinking more than anything else was because the old chum who had passed away was none other than a former Bugle Major, Royal Marines, by the name of 'Tex Rickard'. The only difference in our surnames was that mine is finished off with 's' making me Rickards. This still didn't stop some neighbours looking surprised to see me walking around after reading the obituary in the local paper. Well…. since that funeral I have been thinking quite a bit about the future and, as we all know, "One thing to be sure of in life is that we are all going to die sometime". So, with that in mind I have decided to write a few chapters on my life. I think some of it is quite funny and I hope it will at least prove to be interesting. My prime thought is to make a recording of my life so that my adult children, and anyone else who might be interested in my existence might read this in days to come and get to know the life I have lead. If as a result of this effort I hurt anyone's feelings I am sorry, but I will try to relate how things happened and I will try to keep poetic licence to a minimum. I make no apologies for the content, spelling or layout of what is to follow as I did not have a very advanced education and as with most things in my life, I taught myself

Anyone wishing to acquire a copy of my book: "From Boy Bugler to Bugle Major",
[in CD ROM form] please contact me.
I am not out to make a profit but there will be a nominal charge to cover packing and posting.

My e-mail address is

All the very best to all serving and former members of the Buglers Branch.
Tex Rickards

[Editor] Tex Rickards has sent me a CD ROM with over 150 pages of his honest account of a career which spanned from joining as a young boy entrant and continuing through the decades to become a Senior NCO. I urge any of you (particularly the Corps of Drums section) to read his account. You can obtain a copy of it for your own reading by sending Tex an E-mail and he will surely send you a copy for the mere cost of the CD and postage. A commendable effort and a very interesting read. Well done Tex.
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