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HMS Newfoundland (1955/56)
Roy Nash sitting #3 from the left. Bdmr Charlie West 5th from left.

Hello Richard – I greatly appreciated the pictures supplied from Roy Nash’s family,
the Band on HMS Newfoundland was 1955/56, my dad is the bandmaster – I had not seen this picture before so was deeply touched.

There is a great deal of information regarding the ship’s tour of the Far East, and a picture of the band at :-

The band moved into HMS Newcastle 1956/7 and were at the Melbourne Olympics. Mike West.

Middle row : Immediately behind Roy Nash is undoubtedly Algie Guest (S Cort) with moustache,
and Dave (Fanny) Bowbrick (Clart/Vln) on extreme right with slitty eyes as Prince Philip would say......
By his position in this pic Roy must have been the B/Sergeant - probably at the time the youngest in the Band Service
due to his early success with the LRAM. The B/Cpl on the right looks familiar but I can`t pull up his name.... Courtesy Terry Freestone

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