Ron Champion

10th May - 1994


Dear Dickie.

Have enclosed a photograph of Ron Champion who sadly died on 10th May 1994. He was 63. This picture was taken when Ron was about 38 being presented with his LSGCM. Ron and I were Cpls together in the Staff Band at Deal in the mid 50's. He was a very fine Trombone player and a great companion. We spent many good times together which eventually led to me being his best man at his marriage to Teresa. She was the daughter of the publican resident of the 'Mill Hill' pub in Deal.

Ron later transferred to the RAAF where he was I'm told a great member of that organization till his retirement in about 1985. Ron was I believe divorced from Teresa and married Dorothy and I'm sure although somewhat late in the day all of us who knew and loved him in the Royal Marines Band Service pass on our condolences to his family.

Michael Hutton.
Bandmaster Staff Band Deal 1964/68
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