Dr Martin H Blogg ... 'Bill' Blogg- RMBX 3081 ... 1953-1962

Bahrain - HMS Superb - Bandmaster Ron Spencer

The only one I recognise of this group is 2nd from left holding the lantern is my old squadmate, both from 105 squad in Jan 1948 and No2 CG squad May 1950, is the bass player EWM (Ted) Hewlett. Interestingly, Ted who was a highly intelligent fellow, decided to “take his 12” in 1962 as a B/Sgt and went into the Civil Service as an Executive Officer. He must have done very well indeed at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office as many years later, probably 1992 when we would have been 60, I spotted that he had been gazetted in an Honours List to a CVO (the same high rank that FVD had held when serving) for services to the Queen and Royal Family.
Later still I have it, unsubstantiated, that he and his wife had both been killed in a RTA in New Zealand after he retired. Since then my requests to both the FCO and New Zealand House have been defeated by official obfuscation. I cannot help but feel that something strange went on. TF


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