Mike Webber - A Tribute
by Derek Usher

Devastated!! I too only spoke with Mike a week or so ago. If I didn't phone him, he'd be phoning me! What a fella what a great mentor he's been to me and I swear he got me through my op' just over 3 years ago talking me through every stage of my recovery that just happened to be similar to one he'd had a few years ago so he was able to almost walk me through every stage of my recovery!

Such a caring guy was Taff and so much so, he spent most of his retirement giving voluntary talks to patients in hospitals and the like to ensure he helped them to allay their fears with their various ailments, pre and post op's. He acquired a great deal of his medical knowledge via his hospital surgeons and always read considerably on the subject. So much so, that he became a (much in demand) NHS speaker in the West Midlands!

I’ve written this particularly as our paths never crossed when I served! I only got to know him via Rich' Valentine who put him in touch with me soon after my lung op’ in April 2018. Mike was soon on the blower and we've been in regular contact ever since! I finally met him 2 years ago when he came down to Pompey to see his daughter. Whilst here he popped over to our house for a cuppa, where he also met my wife and we chatted away for hours as if were old oppo's. He clearly had more "dits" than I, but Mike (Taff) was always fascinating to listen to!

To me he was just a guy I will be forever grateful to, and only now can I say that I wish I'd only known him longer. Many of us older Bandies often get together and I've since heard only good things about his serving time and as a Bandmaster what a "stickler" he could be as a musician for detail, but Mike also had the golden knack of getting the very best out of his bands - simply because he earned the respect of everyone. As a consequence, every musician wanted to do their very best for him!

He always said that his days as a B/M were one of his happiest, as he always had men who enjoyed training and improving. He told me that he never had a poor musician in any of his bands, and that gave him so much pleasure!

My thoughts are with Irene and his family right now. Rest peacefully Mike. Let’s hope we meet again at some point over that bar!

Thanks for everything!

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